Thursday, February 16, 2006

Sal Cacciatore

You'll notice most everyone in Neighborhood One (which is the only one I'm playing currently), has a last name that is an Italian food/drink of some sort. I started out with my very first family 6 years ago: Vinnie and Sophie Rigatoni. I liked the idea of Italian names so much I kept it going (Vermicelli, Manicotti, etc).
I amuse myself. That's all that matters. lol

Here you will meet Sal Cacciatore. For as talented and wealthy as Sal is (he's a Celebrity Activist, earning $1400 a day), finding his one true love has been the greatest challenge of his life.
Everything else seemed to come easy to him, except finding just the right someone to share his world with.

In the first pic (top) Sal is dining (Sims love to grill, lol) with his best friend, Katrina Denali. She is the only one who doesn't have a food product name, cause my daughter, Dove, created her. (Dove used to play her, but now I do.)
Katrina and Sal love eachother immensely and have a close, supportive, playful relationship. She is a Scorpion and he is an Aries. Neither of them are rolling in "nice" points, but they do alright.
I thought for awhile they might actually fall in love, but I never felt quite right about them in a romantic relationship. If it doesn't "feel right" for single Sims to hook up in my game, I normally let my intuition be my guide.

The second pic (middle), Sal is watching a romantic movie on tv with his first wife, Mimi Townie. They hit it off right away, but Sal always felt something was missing from his life still, even after he made Mimi his bride. It didn't last long, as Mimi died in an unfortunate "accident", and Sal was single and searching again. I never quite liked Mimi with Sal enough to keep them together, even though she brought 21 Townie friends into his world, which elevated him in his career. Mimi (a Libra) was a dear, don't get me wrong. I just don't think she was for Sal.
Now I have a great hack for friends, so I don't need to worry about marrying for friends anymore (which Sims need plenty of to go up in most careers).

The bottom pic is Sal kissing his beloved Chloe. This relationship happened so fast, I've never seen anything like it since the original Vinnie and Sophie Rigatoni (they've been created each time I have to install the game in a different puter). Chloe is so sweet. She has more nice points but less outgoing points than Sal. She's a Cancer and not normally compatible with Aries, but Lord, does Sal love her! He was smitten early on. She brings out a gentler, more loving side of him and has settled him down immensely. Chloe is brilliant, the Chief of Staff at Sims St. Mary of Magdala Hospital, and is a lover of children and animals. The happy couple have two critters: Max, their dog, and Boots, their cat. I shouldn't have adopted two black pets, as I can barely tell them apart.

Sal and Chloe are doing amazingly well. I don't think I have ever known a Sims man to propose to a Sims woman so quickly after falling in love with her, and have his proposal be immediately accepted. Normally, it takes time, but these two were obviously meant to be.

I'll keep you posted on the Cacciatores. Not sure if I want them to have a child together yet. They both have huge careers and have their hands full with Max and Boots, too. You never know what the future brings, though.


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