Thursday, February 16, 2006

Here's My Sims' Neighborhood

As you can see, there aren't any lots left to build on. Some of the lots are commercial, but most are residential. There are only a few empty homes left. Most of these homes, I have created myself. I will post photos of the ones I am most proud of. I didn't design the Cacciatore's home, only decorated it, did some cosmetic surgery, and re-did the landscaping!
I have downloaded a lot of wallpaper (both exterior and interior). I also have Sims HomeCrafter and have created some of my own wallpaper and floor tiles. I've done a bit of my own Art Work, by downloading the Sims Art Studio. I may post some of my own creations here, so you can see what I have done myself. I've used Sims Creator to create a few of my own ensembles. It's particularly necessary when I create very skinny or voluptuous-type Sims, as most Sims Skins/Fashion Designers favor the fit body style. Tomorrow, I'll show you what I mean, as two of my faves: Nana Josie and Papa Dom Vermicelli are not the normal "fit" body types, so they have "special" wardrobe needs.

Back to my game. Good night, Fellow Simmers.


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