Friday, February 17, 2006

Meet the Vermicellis

The Vermicelli family has been with me almost as long as the Rigatonis. I wanted some of the Sims families to have relatives in the neighborhood, so Sophie Rigatoni's parents moved in.

Nana Josie and Papa Dom Vermicelli have always been two of my favorite Sims. Very late in their lives, they had a daughter, named Mia. If you look at Nana and Papa, you'll see they aren't the "fit" skin type. She is considered "fat" (which is not even remotely true, but that's what they call her body style in this game). He is considered "skinny" (which I guess he is, truth be told). With children, one size fits all. Using Sims Creator, I put together the ensembles you see them both wearing here. There aren't many clothes for fat or skinny types in the Sims, as I've said earlier. Again, most sites favor the fit body style for designing new clothes.

I created Dommie and Josie 6 years ago, like the Rigatonis (you'll meet them soon). There aren't any other families I have continued to re-create (out of necessity) through the years. She's always been into politics and is usually the Mayor of my Sims neighborhood. But, oh! The number of friends a Sims needs to go up in a political career...OY VEY! Making and keeping friends has always been one of the greatest challenges for me in this game. I find it exhausting and far too time consuming.

It was a small miracle when I found a little gold statue at a Sims downloads site that doubles as a friend/lover hack. You click on it, the Sim of your choice has a plethora of friend/lover possibilities in the neighborhood to choose from, and voila! The Sim of your choice becomes that Sims friend instantly. We're talking 100pts worth of closeness. That little gold statue is a Godsend, along with quite a few other hacks I've discovered along the way.

Anyway, the Vermicellis live in a huge house that my Piccola built for them. I think I was suffering with builder's block, so she built it and I decorated it. Dom (Capricorn) is a retired business exec and Nana (Aquarius) is still in politics. Mia (most children are born Taurus, the sign that has the most playful points) is a little doll baby; brilliant, creative and playful, just like her parents. Nana and Papa are close to their grandchildren (3 of the Rigatoni boys have been born so far. I am still waiting on their daughter and last son, but I'll explain that when I introduce the Rigatonis officially). The Vermicellis are still very passionate for one another and are enjoying the hell out of little Mia. I like this family. Like I said, it' remains one of my faves. I'll post some of the ensembles I've created for them when I get some good pics in their photo albums.


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