Tuesday, May 30, 2006

50 Members Celebration Download Update...

First of all, some neat news. Chris, our site director, at Planet the Sims, has made me a moderator at the PTS Forum. I am pleased and honored to be a part of the team. Come join us at PTS :

In celebration of Sugah Sims World having over 50 members in less than 3 weeks, I have added several new downloads. Above, from Sugah Sims Interiors is "Peaches and Cream" wallpaper and "Peaches and Cream" linoleum floor tile.

Below, you will find a new contemporary painting, "Coca Cola Polar Bears". It is part of Sugah Sims "Coca Cola" Collection.

Two new paintings for your Sims home, "The Dream" by Pablo Picasso and "Earthly Illusion" by Oregon artist, Dana Marie (below):

There are pleny of other free downloads at
Sugah Sims World Yahoo Group. I'd love it if you'd come join us!


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