Thursday, May 18, 2006

New designer floor tiles at Planet the Sims.

Brought to you by Sugah Sims Interiors, tonight I bring you two new designer floor tiles. This is no ordinary tile. A lustrous finish brings out the jewel-tone flashes of this designer floor. It is elegance defined. Light plays and refracts on this beautiful bathroom tile, enhancing the beauty of the colors and lightness of details.
Imported from Ravenna, Italy.
The first photo is
Sienna Sky Tile. The second photo is Tuscany Gold Tile.

Currently, these floor tiles are available only at
Planet the Sims. I will soon be adding them to my Sugah Sims World Yahoo Group, along with lovely matching wall tile (this weekend).

Yahoo Groups is still having a problem with the "photos" section, as have tried to access several group's photos, but with no luck. I will keep trying. In the meantime, I will provide a link, as promised, so you can see what you are downloading.

Membership is increasing at Sugah Sims World Yahoo Group. I am thinking about having a membership drive and when we reach 50 or 100 members, I will offer a great download package to all who are members of the group.


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