Thursday, May 04, 2006

I've joined another Sims portal.

It appears to be brand new, so I don't know how well it will do.
I considered participating in The Sims Resource's forum and submitting items to their site, but they are so large and very picky about how it is done.
I still may one day...not sure.

The name of The Sims portal I have recently joined is:
The Sims Warehouse.
The Sims Warehouse offers news, downloads, cheats, skins, and discussion forums.
As I said, it is a very new site, perhaps only a couple of months old. The site is SO NEW, in fact, they don't have any Sims 1 content to download yet!
I have offered to submit some of my creations. My offer was accepted, and so now I will learn how Simmer (the moderator/administrator) would like me to do it.
Stay tuned...

The site is not known now, I am sure, but hopefully, it will get more recognition and traffic soon. Pay them a visit and join, won't you?


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