Tuesday, May 02, 2006

From Sugah Sims Boutique ...

I have submitted the first (of what I hope is many to come) fashions at Planet the Sims. I have been using The Sims Creator (which comes with Sims Deluxe) for awhile now to create new outfits, using meshes included in the game. (I have not attempted to create any of my own meshes, only the fashions.)

I am pleased to introduce my three models: Lee Lee, Imani and Sophia. They are wearing the bold and beautiful, mod "Retro Collection" from Sugah Sims Boutique.

Lee Lee is modeling "Retro Pink" (lt skin tone); Imani is modeling "Retro Blue" (dk skin tone); and Sophia is modeling "Retro Green" (med skin tone).

Each of the dresses comes only in the color shown, for that particular skin tone.
Since the site director, Chris, is always on the ball, I would imagine you will be able to download them (free, as always) by tonight at Planet the Sims. Just check in towards the end of the day (if you are in the U.S.).
I hope you enjoy my first contributions to PTS skins downloads. More to come, if they go over well!


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