Wednesday, April 19, 2006


When last I posted, I was worried about my hard drive going out. I've been getting msgs - crash report analyses - from Microsoft (after the blue screen of death freezes up my puter). My friend, Honey Bunny, suggested it could be the hard drive going out.
I started to think about it and figured the puter usually acts strangely when I do not shut it completely down at night, but instead, opt for Stand by mode. I asked him if it could be a coinky dink, and he said he hadn't thought of it, but it could be the Stand by driver or something.
So, I asked him if there was something I could do to fix it, or at least look into it, and he said he'd do some research for me (beloved puter geek that he is). I haven't had any problem the last two days, since I've been shutting it down completely at night. Keep your fingers crossed...

I am still enjoying the Planet the Sims forum. It's fun to help people and get in on Sims discussions. I love discussing Sims as much as I like playing the game, almost!

I have submitted several walls, floors and art decore/paintings. So far, the most popular items I have submitted are:

Self-Portrait of Death (Picasso) painting ... 13 downloads since April 10.
Caribbean Carnivale wallpaper ... 9 downloads since April 6 (and a 10 rating!).
Fresh Air (S. Guadagno) painting ... 12 downloads since April 15.
Stucco Tropicale wallpaper ... 7 downloads since April 12.

It seems the paintings are most popular. I have noticed that one I thought would be well-liked, hasn't been downloaded much, so you never know about folks' taste and what they are looking for.

Cat Nap (painting by Susan Guadagno, and pictured in this post) is my latest download. Since yesterday, it's already been downloaded 4 times!

I have Starry Night by Van Gogh I hope to submit in a day or two. We'll see how that one flies.

One of the fellas (Wulfpaw, aka Sam) at the forum is quite knowledgable and helpful. He is devoted to helping his fellow Simmers and knows a lot about fixin' stuff.
He helped me with my exclusive mall, by finding me a download that fixed the problem of no one showing up on that lot but the Sim I was operating at the time. It had to do with too many NPCs on that Unleashed lot. So, I downloaded the patch/program, saw it worked, got rid of some of the vendors and merged a few of the cash registers (NPC clerks). It runs well and plenty of neighbors visit the mall when I do. I am so glad. I worked hard on that property and I like it. I might post a photo of it soon.

More to come. Snacky is about to leave town, so I'd better see if he needs anything.


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