Wednesday, April 05, 2006

This was my first Planet the Sims submission!

I do not know if it will be accepted or not (it is currently pending acceptance). This red hot wallpaper is called "Caliente!!!" and costs $10.

I have matching carpet and floor tile to go with it, but only submitted the wall file and image (seen here) at
Planet the Sims just now.

I am not certain I did it correctly, so I emailed the site director to introduce myself and be certain I did everything right.

Wish me luck! This will be one of many I will probably submit, if it is approved.

*Important: You can not download this image into your game as it is here (in jpg form and the incorrect 24 color bits). It must be the correct bmp form in 8 bits and .wll file.
I wouldn't want your game to crash!

If you want the file, just email me at I would be happy to send you the Caliente wallpaper and matching floors, with instructions on installing them into the proper Sims files.


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