Wednesday, March 22, 2006

The Most Awesome Hack EVER!!!

Earlier this month, I posted about the Supersculpture. I did not realize something about the hack, so I could benefit from all it had to offer. I emailed Hedda, who is so great about wanting to help her fans (thank you, again, Hedda). She asked whether I was using the "tab" key for more (all of the) Supersculpture options. I didn't know to use the "tab" key. Upon clicking on it, a plethora of wonderful choices came up. This one little golden sculpture does it all, folks! I am not kidding!

With this incredible hack, your Sim can make an instant friend (anyone in the neighborhood, any Townie, and even the strays in the neighborhood). You can also opt to fall in love instantly with a neighbor or Townie as well. In addition to this (which makes it an awesome hack alone, as making and keeping friends can be exhausting at times), it also will: give your Sim money, give him a promotion, refresh him, maximize his skills, interests, and personality, etc. UNBELIEVABLE! What other hack could you ever need, but Hedda's Supersculpture!

Kudos again to you, Miss Hedda. May I just say your wanting to help me figure out what the problem was (didn't know about the "tab" key for more options), makes me want to tell as many folks as I can reach about the good things you are doing over at Some Sim Things even more.

Keep up the great work, Hedda. I love your site.


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