Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Frankie Rigatoni's Place

Frankie's property has its own lake (appropriately named Lake Rigatoni---Click on the picture to see an enlarged version). I like the bay window in front. Inside, it shows up as a pretty little window seat I can put flower arrangements on. I also like the large stone exterior of his little place. It's about 1250 sq ft, but perfect for Frankie and his wonder dog Sonny.
Notice the hammock in the far left of the photo. I downloaded it from a cool site. Sims can actually sit and nap on it.
I don't know what will become of Frankie and if he'll ever get married. He has such a great career, a fabulous companion in Sonny, and a beautiful place. He is in love with three gorgeous gals and seems perfectly happy the way he is. Don't know what the future holds for this fella. I am definitely gonna let this one's life take its own path. Frankie and Sonny will continue to live on happily, I'm sure.


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