Saturday, March 11, 2006

I think I MAY have my game fixed.

I hate to even get too hopeful about it. Just when I think I may have the crashing prob worked out, it would be just my luck if it were only a fluke last night that my game didn't crash.
I deleted some files I had downloaded on 3/9. I also got rid of something that didn't look like it belonged in my skins file, plus I removed three floors I made that were probably not the right bit size to put in the game. Don't know why the File Cop didn't pick up on any of those, but I imagine that tool isn't infallible. It misses stuff, I'm sure.

Did I mention yet that I created some new wallpaper this week using PSP and a great tutorial I found online (awhile ago)? I may post those next, but I DID get to play my game last night for an hour or so and it never crashed. I am hoping the prob is a thing of the past. Please, please, please!!!


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