Thursday, March 02, 2006

This Hack ROCKS!

I don't know of a hack I am more grateful for than The Supersculpture. The version I downloaded (and I am going to re-download, as I believe it's been updated), allows your Sim to make a friend or fall in love instantly! No more driving yourself crazy trying to improve skills, go to work and up the career ladder, maintain a happy, well-balanced lifestyle, AND make enough freakin' friends to get promotions all the time!
The hardest thing for me is making and keeping friends, since it takes such an effort to have SO MANY all the time, esp. for certain careers (politics, showbiz, etc). Never again do you have to worry about that!
Have your Sim stand in front of The Supersculpture, click on the Sim he/she wants to befriend or fall in love with, and VOILA! The Sim is instantly at 100pts with the Sim of choice! This one is too good to be true, and there are MANY others on this Sims hacked items site.
I recommend visiting this place forThe Supersculpture ALONE:

Hedda, YOU ARE AWESOME! Big thanks of appreciation to you!


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