Wednesday, February 22, 2006

I've created some new fashions...

for Nana Josie and Papa Dom Vermicelli. I spent some time the other night downloading some "fabric" to import into "textures" in my Sims Creator. I found some pretty neat stuff, and saved the website (hopefully), so I can download more textures into my Creator. Anyway, I created a couple of evening gowns for Nana and an ensemble or two for Papa. I will post them, once I play the game tonight and take some good photos for their album.

I hope to have a few quiet hours playing my Sims this evening, as my throat is a bit sore and scratchy, and I'd really like to just give it time to heal before our big, romantic Riverwalk weekend at the Hyatt in San Antonio this weekend. Oooh la la. (The Sims will be staying home, thank you very much. lol)

More to come this evening, hopefully. Happy Simming.


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