Monday, March 06, 2006

The Rotini Twins: Gabriella and Isabella

Meet the lovely Rotini Twins. These are probably my most glamourous Sims, as they are always dressed as though they are models in a fashion show (probably were at one time back in Italy).
They were born under the sign of Aquarius, and are friendly, talented, brilliant, kind and lots of fun. They also have a lot of interests and have had several careers between them. When a Sim reaches the top of his/her career, he/she inevitably comes home one day with a different job (not by choice, mind you). I've never liked that feature of the game, as when my Sims work hard to be Chief of Staff at the local hospital, Candy Magnates, Astronauts, Mad Scientists, etc. etc., I'd like them to STAY in that position. However, the game is not set up that way.
For example, when the twins were at the top of their career (culinary geniuses schooled in Milan), Isabella was switched to a career in science, then on to being a criminal mastermind. NOT exactly what I had in mind for the lovely Miss Rotini, needless to say!
I can always have her fired from a job I don't want her in and re-hired in the one I've chosen for her, of course. Both twins inevitably will end up in Fashion, as that is what they were created for.
These two are really quite lovely and fun to play, and their home is stunning, if I do say so myself. More pics to come...


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