Friday, March 10, 2006

My game has been crashing!

Oy vey. Talk about a BUMMER! I finally get my cd situation fixed, and now my game is crashing. I am wondering if I didn't download a corrupt file a few nights ago. So, I took out all the files in the downloads file (that I downloaded on the 9th), got rid of a couple of floors I created (in case the color bit wasn't right), and MAY have to get rid of a dozen skins or so. Funny thing is, the File Cop doesn't find any problems when I run it. I ran a check with the File Cop twice already.

I pray I can get it worked out. Don't know what else it could be. I will keep trying, til I figure it out. Can't live without my Sims. It's a great way to escape for a few hours a day.

Hope you have a great weekend, Fellow Simmers. Happy Simming! Wish me luck!


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