Sunday, March 12, 2006

Meet Zoie Fusilli

I think I have my "game crashing issue" solved, before I introduce Zoie, btw. Thank God in heaven! I DO so enjoy my Sims!

This is the lovely (and single) Miss Zoie Fusilli. I think a couple of the men in the neighborhood are enamoured with her (Mario Mostaccioli, Chief of Police, being one of them. You will meet him and his twin sister at a later time). I created Zoie during a time when some of the keys were stuck on my keyboard. Pita Louise bounced up on me when she was just a wee pup, my coffee went into the keyboard, and even though I followed my puter geek bud's instructions, it was still all messed up. So, I could not give Zoie a history. Too many of the necessary keys to type her story were not usable. I could barely spell "Zoie Fusilli"
to name her, as those keys were miraculously not stuck. lol

Anyway, Zoie is an International Spy. She is very athletic, has lots of friends, drives a Bentley, and has a pet dragon, named Merlin. I like playing her and Merlin. They're easy. She has a little house (could afford much more, being an International Spy and all, of course), with a pretty pond in her yard. (See pic above.)

It hasn't hit me yet who Zoie might fall in love with, if anyone, or even if she is straight, bi or gay. As I have said before sometimes it just hits me who one of my Sims is supposed to be with.
For example, Johnny Farfalle unexpectedly fell for the lovely Miss Sadie Townie, a vivacious, voluptuous, outgoing talk show host. Before I knew it, they were grabbing eachother for firey and passionate kisses. The first time he asked her to marry him, she was thrilled, and so they were wed. More on them later...
But the reason I mentioned them is, while playing Johnny, it just hit me that he and Sadie belonged together. Nothing has come to me, concerning Zoie, which means it is meant to be that she stay single for awhile longer, if not always. The same applies for several other Sims I have been playing for some time now.

Merlin is a brilliant dragon. He is maxed out on all possible (cat) skills, is completely trained, and a blue ribbon winner (his first time to show if I might add).. He boxes, plays the piano (see pic above), dances, etc. He's fun to look at and watch. She kept him a secret for awhile, Merlin being a dragon and all, but soon, the neighborhood caught sight of him, and the "cat was out of the bag" so to speak. He's been well-accepted, and a true celebrity in his own right.
Zoie is a Sagittarius. That's not one of my fave signs, but I wanted to created someone with the personality points a Sagittarius has, and thus, Zoie was born.

What will the future hold for this mysterious, beautiful International Spy? Stay tuned to Sugah Sim's World to find out...


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