Sunday, March 12, 2006

I may be wrong about Gabriella Rotini.

About a week ago, I posted about the beautiful Rotini Twins, Gabriella and Isabella. I mentioned (to the best of my knowledge) that I thought the twins were probably straight. Well, to my surprise, while playing another Sim (visiting downtown), I saw Gabriella grabbing a fellow female Sim and planting a big, wet, passionate (then a firey) kiss on her! I am trying to remember WHICH Sim Gabriella was kissing now...dang it...
Anyway, see what I mean? I never know which way it will go for my Sims. Sometimes I get a feeling about them, and sometimes things seem to happen naturally, taking their own path. When I find out who the lucky Sim (Gabriella is enamoured with is),I will post about it. Hopefully, the Sim she was smooching in broad daylight at the Lattice Cafe was not a married woman...oy vey! Things could get quite complicated then.
I knew when I created the Rotini Twins, they'd keep things interesting! lol

Happy Simming, Fellow Simmers. I am about to play my game for the evening. (My husband is in Alabama-Tennessee for the next few days, so I have a date with my Sims.)


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