Monday, March 13, 2006

Another Awesome Hack!

This one is another incredible hack. You can now max out ALL your Sims interests, by downloading one (or all) of C & C Enterprises magazine racks. It is the greatest thing since a big slice of cheesy, saucy pizza! Any Sim can pick up a magazine and increase all of his interests, without losing any! That was the thing I hated most about going downtown to buy a magazine to increase a Sim's interest: The Sim would lose interest points in another (random) subject.

You can find this hack at:
Go to downloads, regular simmie's, and scroll down to 6-Sep-03, C&C MAGAZINE RACKS & SHELVES. You will have several styles to choose from.
It's no problem anymore for my Sims to have instant things in common to chat about with all their other Sim neighbors, cause they are all interested in everything! They also get these increased interest points very quickly and have lots of fun doing so.
I put the magazine racks downtown, so even the Townies, as well as my neighborhood Sims can have fun and become well-versed in any and every subject.

The bright folks at C & C Enterprises have a BUNCH of GREAT hacks. That is just one of them. More to come, soon...


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