Tuesday, March 14, 2006

Meet Frankie Rigatoni and his wonder dog Sonny.

These two are absolute gems. Frankie is Vinnie's younger brother. (Vinnie and Sophie Rigatoni were the first family I ever created six years ago, when The Sims first came out. I've re-created them through the years, each time I must re-install the game into another puter.) Sonny is a four time blue ribbon winner. I'm not sure what kind of breed Sonny is supposed to be. He sort of looks like a young Great Dane, doesn't he?
Anyway, these two were fast friends from the start. Frankie is a Veterinarian. Sonny does every trick a dog in Unleashed can do. They are very close (always at a 100 score).
Frankie, a Cancer, has about three love interests in the neighborhood: Katrina Denali, Lola Linguine, and Zoie Fusilli. Katrina is a Broadway Star. They have been friends for awhile and he loves her mucho. Lola is in the top of her game in the fashion industry and Zoie (who I have posted about previously) is an International Spy. Something inside of me tells me he will end up with Katrina, but I don't know. I feel as though Zoie and Mario Mostiaccioli (Chief of Police) were meant to be. However, I have been wrong before! lol
I recently renovated Frankie's home. It turned out pretty nicely. I'll post that photo next.


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