Monday, March 20, 2006

Weekend Update

I spent a lot of time last night with Piccola and her laptop. She has Sims Deluxe, plus most of the expansion packs (HD, UL, SS - none are currently installed...yet). The game kept crashing everytime we tried to play it. We even un-installed and re-installed Sims Deluxe, but to no avail. I went to her system requirements/information for the game and it says she needs a minimum of 233 MHz but has only 129MHz. It also says she needs a minimum of 1400 MB of drive space, but has only 1398 MB. That could definitely be the problem. Since I don't know how to GET more of those things, if possible, I emailed my dear friend (and puter guru) Gummy Bear (aka Honey Bunny to me). I am hoping he will get back with me today.

We were wanting to sit side-by-side (you know, kind of a "Mamala-Piccola Thang") and play the Sims on our laptops for most of the night. Instead, we worked dilligently to try to figure out what the hell the scoop was with her game/puter. It was time spent together, though I know she was bummed and frustrated. We were really looking forward to our "Sims Date".

I DID get to copy some of my wallpaper, floors, downloads and skins on some cds for her. I put them in the proper Maxi files in her puter.
I also gave her File Cop, which she should have. She hasn't got internet at her apt., so I shared some of my files with her (since she can't download from Sims sites herself).
She seemed so excited to play with all her cool, new stuff. Some of the walls/floors/skins that come with Sims are not very appealing.
There are some brilliant folks out there who make gorgeous skins/faces and other objects. I've even learned to create decent art work, walls and floors myself! (Thinking of doing roofs next...Should be a piece of cake.)

I hope to hear from my Honey Bunny today. I would like to surprise Piccola and have it up and running for her. It'd be so much fun to "play together". When she was a Freshman in H.S. (I believe), we used to play for hours. I could just sit there and crochet, while she would play her families. It was like watching tv. lol
She has designed some great homes. I have had her build a home or two for me (eg Vermicelli's residence). Maybe she should have been an architect...

I need to post about Hedda's awesome Supersculpture hack again (later). I missed the boat on some of the incredible things that one little gold statue does. I didn't know about a feature on it, emailed Hedda, she was great and helped me, and now I know ALL the things that hack can do. IT IS THE BEST!!!


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