Thursday, March 30, 2006

By George, I think we've got it!!!

WOO HOO! Between the two of us (my Honey Bunny and I), I think we've got Pic's puter/game prob figured out. My Honey Bunny worked for quite awhile trying to get rid of a lot of unnecessary backround stuff. I think he got rid of a virus program in Pic's puter (which she doesn't need, not having internet at this time). When we reinstalled Sims Deluxe, it crashed immediately to desktop during start up still.

I was so bummed. I did some research last night and saw that Sims Deluxe had a few unique crashing issues. It appeared my friend did most all he could. Then, I noticed a patch for Sims Deluxe on the EA/Maxis website. Pic doesn't have the capacity to get it, however, I saw if she had Unleashed or EPS that were subsequent to Unleashed, they took care of the Deluxe (skin, etc) issues. So, I thought, "What the hell?" What have we got to lose? I installed Unleashed in her puter.

Sure enough, it started up and stayed up. I even created a family, built a house, and decorated it. The game still didn't crash. I noticed the previous skins, roofs, walls and floors I gave to her (through a cd) were still there, just not the object downloads. So, I downloaded them (after quitting the game), cranked it up again, and voila! It still played!!!

I think she may be okay now, but I am not sure. I just hope nothing goes wrong. I am going to crank it back up, after I find a few more fashions and heads for her. She has very little to choose from, esp. the male and children categories. I'm gonna do that after this post, even though I should be vacuuming and shining. lol

I am pretty proud of myself for figuring it out. Between Honey Bunny and I, we got her Piccola's game up and runnin' again, after all this time. Yee ha!

Now my baby and I can sit side by side and play together, whenever she is not going to school or working one of her three (pt) jobs!!!


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