Thursday, March 23, 2006

My Honey Bunny and I...

...are supposed to get together for Tuscan Spinach Dip and Pot Stickers tonight. Maybe we'll kick back a few Cosmopolitans, too (I could use a couple, lol).

Anyway, this might be the night he "tweaks" Piccola's laptop, so we can get it running efficiently enough to allow her to play her Sims. We shall see. I hope, I hope.

I moved the Macaronis out of their home in hopes that a bigger, brighter, better home might make them more enjoyable to play. I am in the process of redecorating it, but can't get motivated.
I promised my Beauty I would send her photos of her and her husband in my game (The Gemellis) thru email. I am going to do that for her today, if possible.

Not much on the Sims Front here. I downloaded some perfumes (for my DT and OT shops) from Around the Sims, one of my fave download sites. The choices, when my Sim clicks on a perfume to buy are "necklace and diamond ring". I emailed Sandy at ATS about it and am hoping she can get back with me about what the prob might be.


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