Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Planet the Sims

It's a beautiful day in Simsville. The photo is of "me" in the game. HA! I wish I looked that good in a tank and jeans. Sheesh! But hey, it's MY world, right? Gotta love this game!

I'm wanting to dabble in building a beach house on lot 10 today, if I have time. I got some ideas from other sites, but the hardest part is, making the beach and shoreline look good and real enough. I have some sand and water tiles. I need to make sure palm trees, etc., can be put on the sand. That would give it more authenticity.

Anyway, I signed up at
Planet the Sims awhile back and am seriously thinking of submitting some of my wallpaper and floors. I have created a lot of colorful, bold and beautiful interior stuff and a few exterior brick and stucco walls. Some of my creations might be too bright and bold for others. I personally like to play in cheerful houses. I have tried playing Sims in midevil homes, goth homes, homes done in dark, & dramatic colors, etc., but I find myself not playing them as often as others.
As in "real life", I prefer sunny, bright homes.

Today, I found the submission sheet at
Planet the Sims, and am going to gather a couple of my faves together to submit sometime today or later this week, hopefully. I am thinking I may even take special requests for wallpaper and floors. I can do most any kind and have been experimenting with both interior and exterior designs. I can do paint, brick, stucco, wallpaper, carpet and tile, etc. I am teaching myself different textures and effects in PSP7 lately, so soon, I should be able to offer an even greater variety of walls and floors for Sims1.

Here's my profile at Planet the Sims:
Sugah Sim.

I will update this blog to let you know when I've submitted something.

OH! Another update: Hedda with
Some Sim Things emailed me and said she is getting some hits on her site from this blog. That makes me happy for two reasons: one, she deserves the recognition and two, folks are reading this blog! Good deal.

Happy Simming, Blogdom. More to come soon.


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