Sunday, April 09, 2006

Piccola came over Friday.

The photos above are The Rigatonis looking at the Picassos. Vinnie and Nicky are in the first picture. Sophie and Rosie are in the second photo. Joey and Paulie are missing. (More on this wonderful family soon.)

Pic and I spent some time downloading some cool stuff she needed into her Sims files. I found some more walls, beds, flowers, pictures, skins, etc., etc. She was grateful for it all. Her games seems to be playing just fine since Gummy Bear and I worked on it together.

We got to play for a little while, but the afternoon passed quickly, so she had to go. It was a nice afternoon, though. I am glad when Pic and Pita can visit for awhile.

She called today and installed Superstar. I have never seen it, but from what she describes, it sounds really neat. I don't have enough drive space to install it, I'm sure. That's okay. I am happy with Hot Date and Unleashed, til I get a puter that will play my Sims 2. (Own it, just can't play it.)

I am glad her game is working now. Her beau works different hours than her, so when she has down time, she can spend it playing her Sims. I'll be curious to know what she thinks of Superstar. She'll probably call me later.

I guess I had better get going. I'll update about the Picasso painting submissions, if Chris (site director of Planet the Sims) approves them.


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