Friday, April 21, 2006

I've joined a few new Sims webrings.

I am not sure if folks even use webring searches to find sites they're looking for anymore. Back in the day, when I first created an advice website through Geocities, people seemed more interested in webrings. Don't know if that's the case these days.

Anyway, I am trying to generate more traffic to this site, so folks can be made aware of the free downloads I am offering. They aren't too fancy or advanced, like some of the awesome stuff out there, but I am pretty pleased with the ones I have submitted at Planet the Sims, so far. They are being downloaded by other Sims 1 fans, so that makes me happy.

The image here is Starry Night, Vincent Van Gogh's masterpiece. I submitted it last night, I believe. I figured since the Picassos were pretty popular, someone might like a Van Gogh.

FYI: With the help of Wulfpaw at the Planet the Sims forum, I was able to figure out what my problem with no one but the Sim I am playing at the time, visiting a certain Old Town mall. I worked hard on that mall, and not one but the one family could visit at a time. I couldn't figure it out. I knew it couldn't be a portal problem, since at least one Sim family could come and go with no problem. Wulfpaw told me about an Old Town patch/download that allowed more visitors on Old Town lot. I read the "read me" file on it and figured it out! The problem was too many NPCs on an Old Town lot!

So, if you have this problem, you can either download the patch that fixes it (I don't really know if it called a "patch", per se), or just remove some of that lot's vendors (cashiers, food vendors, etc). See if that doesn't make a difference! I removed some of them (merged a few registers, so I didn't have as many cashiers) and downloaded the patch, and the awesome Old Town Mall I created is up and running again, with plenty of neighbors schmoozing and schlepping around together!

Leave a request in comments, if you want the download. I will send you the link.


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