Saturday, April 22, 2006

A Common Problem at the Forum

If any of you new Simmers have accidently deleted a pedestrian or auto portal in your game (or a mailbox), and your Sim can no longer either get to work or have anyone over, download this fix into your game:
(Scroll down a bit. This is where you are able to download a pedestrian portal replacer or a mailbox replacer, along with some other objects that may fix problems.)

I have downloaded it into my game, after trying another portal replacer, and it worked. It fixed the problem, so I got rid of the first portal replacer I put into my game (which really screwed things up big time...BIG TIME).

If you think the answer to getting out of paying your Sims' bills is to delete the mailbox, you are creating serious problems in the game by doing so. Use the money cheat to add to your cash flow and paying the bills should never be an issue.

If you have Unleashed and you use the move_objects cheat (which is awesome, but can be dangerous), be careful deleting stray pets "messes" at the end of your property or by the mailbox. The portals are invisible. You can not see them. You could very well inadvertently delete a pedestrian or vehicle portal. Friends won't be able to come to you, nor will you be able to go anywhere if one or both of these are deleted.

Have fun, but be careful with the move_objects on cheat!


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