Sunday, April 30, 2006

My Coca Cola Art is doing pretty well.

This is what the set looks like (so far, as more art for your Sims walls will follow). I have submitted the wallpaper, floor tile, and Coca Cola framed art. The art has been downloaded 9 times already! Not sure if that is a record for me in just a couple of days. lol

My Van Gogh's
Starry Night painting is doing rather well (23 downloads to date), as is my Picasso Self-Portrait Facing Death(about 17 downloads), my Mod Blue carpet (17 downloads so far), and several other paintings and wallpaper that have about 13 or 14 downloads each.

It's been fun submitting and learning that folks like my walls, floors and paintings enough to put them in their own game! Very cool.

I found two more tutorials to see if I can figure out the TMog program and Sims Paint Program. Not sure if it will happen for me, but I hope to try tonight. Then, I could create some really awesome art work for the Sims...


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