Friday, May 05, 2006

My Coca Cola framed art is doing well.

People continue to download some of my creations at Planet the Sims.
It's not a place a lot of folks think to go for downloading, so it doesn't get as much exposure as say, The Sims Resource. But I am happy to be sharing some of what I have created for my Sims.

One thing I am surprised about...the fashions I recently submitted are not being downloaded much. I am proud of them. They turned out really well, and look great on! (See "From Sugah Sims Boutique" blog post of May 2, below.)
Maybe folks aren't looking for Sims skins there. (The framed art seems to be my most popular.)

To date, these are the Top Five most downloaded items I have submitted to PTS:

  1. Starry Night (framed art) 32 downloads
  2. Coca Cola 1 (framed art) 29 downloads
  3. Self-Portrait Facing Death (framed art) 23 downloads
  4. Mod Blue (carpet) 21 downloads
  5. Cat Nap (framed art) 17 downloads

I am hoping things pick up this weekend, but as I said, Planet the Sims isn't known for its downloads. I am trying to think of other ways to get the word out about it, but until then, it's still fun sharing, even if with only a precious few!

To those of you who have check out Sugah Sims World and my creations at
PTS, I am grateful and appreciative. Thank you!


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