Wednesday, May 17, 2006

A Few Updates for My Fellow Simmers

First of all, Yahoo Groups seems to be having trouble with their "photos" section. I will continue to post photos of my latest available downloads here, as always, but will also begin including them in either the zip file (if applicable) or I'll provide a link where the file can be seen. I, for one, do not like downloading anything unless I can see it first.
I am soon going to be submitting a few downloads to The Sims Warehouse and The Sims Resource. I have already sent the files to The Sims Warehouse, but the director of the site has been so busy, he has not been able to put them on the site. It should be this weekend, hopefully.
My delay in submitting them to The Sims Resource is a Yahoo Mail problem. There seems to be issues with the file attachment option. I am hoping Yahoo gets the problem worked out with both Groups and Mail. It's crampin' my style! lol

In the meantime, here is a list of the Top 5 most downloaded Sims items I have submitted to Planet the Sims:

  1. Coca Cola 1 (framed art) 62 downloads WOW!
  2. Starry Night (framed art) 45 downloads
  3. Mod Blue (carpet) 29 downloads
  4. Self-Portrait facing Death (framed art) 27 downloads
  5. Caribbean Carnivale (wallpaper) 23 downloads

Three others are right behind: Cherries Jubilee (wallpaper) with 21 downloads, Coca Cola Tile (floor) with 20 downloads and Cat Nap (framed art) also with 20 downloads.

Not bad, considering I submitted my first wallpaper to PTS in April. I know most folks don't go there for The Sims downloads, with there being so many awesome sites, but I remain grateful to have the opportunity to share my creations anywhere I can.

I will post here when there is news about The Sims Warehouse and The Sims Resource, as well as new updates for my members at Sugah Sims World Yahoo Group. Wish me luck!

Happy Simming.


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