Thursday, June 11, 2009

IGN will no longer be hosting Sugah's Place.

Well, after moving not even two years ago to my PTS/Gamespy hosted Sims 2 site, it appears I'll have to move again.

I must admit, I'm not looking forward to it by any stretch of the imagination, as I have well over a thousand downloads and dozens of site pages.

What I am leaning towards, with so many sites moving to Sims 3 content now, is just creating a small, new blog site to offer only the best of the best ... my very favorite Sims 2 creations.
This way, it will lessen my work load and be less burdensome & tedious for me.
Most importantly, the new little Sugah's Place site will still allow me to offer my creations to those who continue to enjoy Sims 2, like myself.

I will start to move my downloads to a new file host soon ... possibly Mediafire.
I also need to find out what the allowed space is here, so I can decide whether to continue uploading my images thru or open a new Photobucket account.
Sugah's Place must be in its new home on the web by late August.

Sooo...until then, here are a few of my most recent updates...


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