Sunday, October 05, 2008

Sugah's Place Celebrates Our One Year Anniversary!

In celebration of Sugah's one year anniversary, several of my generous and talented friends have donated gifts ... from Val & Paige, 2 wonderful new abodes and from Hunter, a set of 6 lovely purses.
You will find them in my gifts section.

Thank you, ladies. I am most appreciative of your fabulous gifts, as always.

My contribution this week is 3 new capri jammies & 2 new scoop tanks for your Sim ladies in Adult Female Fashions, page 7.

I've also created 2 new wall sets - Primarily Purple and Neutralized. They are on page 3 of my Custom Walls section.
In addition, I'd like to present to you the lovely miss "Raine", my newest Sim model, who you will find in Complete Sims, page 5.

Lastly, my good and very talented friend, Astral Faery, has begun a new fantasy Sims story entitled The Weekend Warrior Chronicles.
I have created a special update page for her readers, so you can always be kept abreast of the latest chapter of her enthralling tale.
I will be announcing each Weekend Warrior Chronicles update as it happens ... along with a sneak preview teaser, here.
Trust me, once you start reading one of AF's Sims stories, you will always be looking forward to the next chapter ... and the next ... and the next ...

one year update


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