Monday, June 04, 2007

Sugah Sims World Yahoo Group Update

It doesn't seem like just over a year ago that I started Sugah Sims World Yahoo Group. We now have over 490 members and are still growing with each passing week.
Thank you for your patience in waiting for some new downloads for your Sims.

This time, I have several painting collections to offer you by Botero (6), Cappiello (4), Klee (5), & Warhol (3). I also have a small Renaissance Collection (4), which contains paintings by Botticelli (2), DaVinci (1) and Michelangelo (1). You will find each of these sets in their own folders in the file section of our group. Images of the paintings can be found in their proper folders in our photos section.

Below is a sample of a painting from each of the sets:

As always, I appreciate your membership and hope to have some more free Sims downloads to offer you soon.

Happy Downloading!


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