Thursday, October 19, 2006

Hello, Fellow Simmers.

Just a quick update to tell you I am still in E. Texas, helping to care for my parents. I may be able to go home for awhile, sometime next month, off and on, thru the holiday season. We are taking each day as it comes, but I should know more by month's end.

Did I mention I FINALLY broke down and bought Makin' Magic awhile back? For YEARS, I have been playing TS1 Deluxe with just Hot Date and Unleashed EPs. I haven't gotten adventurous and tried any magic yet. I've downloaded some hints to help me get through, but ultimately, I'd like to purchase the Prima Guide for Makin' Magic. I have bought the guides for The Sims, Unleashed, and another one, I believe, and have found them so helpful. Wish me luck! I'm not usually that brave about trying new things with my Sims, and have gotten so spoiled knowing my way around my current EPs for YEARS!!!

Before month's end, I am going to try to create a bit for Sugah Sims World Yahoo Group. We are over 255 members strong now, just since May 9th. I couldn't be more pleased! (Thank you, as always, to all who have joined. I appreciate your membership.)
I haven't decided what free downloads I am going to offer just yet, but am hoping something will inspire me, soon...

I am still able to help moderate over at Planet of the Sims, thankfully. If you would like to stop on by and talk Sims with us, we'd love to have you:

As always, happy Simming, Folks!


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