Monday, July 17, 2006

Been Havin' Tech Issues.

Good morning, Fellow Simmers. Sorry I haven't been on in awhile. The hard drive on my laptop died. I finally got a new one and my dear friend, Honey Bunny, helped me get everything up and running again. I seem to be having a few other issues now (that blue screen of death shows up on occasion, then re-starts my puter). So, this morning, I am going to do a check disk when I re-start the laptop.
I got my Sims re-installed, and though I was crashing last night, I think I am almost back in business. I hate to even get excited about it, but am optimisic.

That being said, there has been much going on in my Sims world. Not only am I having to re-download so much that was lost (I lost everything I had in that puter and am re-starting the Sims from scratch.), I am also having to re-create families. That will take a lot of time, as I played for years, and had full neighborhoods of Sims I played. I am up for it though, and am just going to consider it a fun challenge.

Our PTS Forum, which I help moderate, is still incredibly active. Come join us and schmooze about Sims some time. All Simmers are welcome.

My SSW Yahoo Group has over 100 members in less than 3 months! I am just so pleased. One of the many other things I have been working on (aside from keeping up at PTS, downloading and re-building my Sims world, & re-cooping lost programs) is I have been creating a 100 member gift for my SSW members.

Here is a sneak preview of one of several art series I am working on. This one is for your Sims Kids:

I shall return with another update soon. Until then, happy Simming and wish me luck with my puter issues! I pray the worst is over. Let us hope...


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