Tuesday, June 27, 2006

Sugah Sims World Group celebrates over 80 members!

As a gift to my group, in celebration of over 80 members in under 2 months, I have several new downloads to offer.

A couple of weeks back, I added 4 Mark Ryden framed paintings. Ryden's work is both intriguing and disturbing. It's perfect for your Goth Sim's homes. You will find all 4 paintings zipped in the "Mark Ryden Collection" folder. (This collection is also available at PTS.)

I also added the "Summer Splash Collection". Three colorful minis for your Sims girls zipped up in their own folder. (There is a different one for each skin tone.)
Below, is an image of the "Summer Splash Collection" for girls, & two of the Mark Ryden paintings (The wall and tile is "Tuscany Gold", from the "Ravenna Italian Bathroom Collection", also available at SSW):

Brand new at SSW in "Sugah Sims Gallery of Fine Art" folder is Picasso's sentimental and melancholy "The Blue Nude" and two sensual & erotic paintings by Gustav Klimt, "Sea Serpents IV" and "The Kiss". Below is an image of The Blue Nude (on the right) and on the left, together, are the Gustav Klimt paintings:

Lastly, I bring to you the "Tuscany Kitchen Collection" which is one bordered wallpaper, matching tile, and three lovely framed art to complete the d├ęcore. It is all zipped up in its own folder and ready to dress up your Sim's kitchen! The photo below shows the complete collection (wall, floor, and three paintings):

Click on all of the photos to enlarge.
Images of all of the above downloads are available in the "photos" section of the group, in the appropriate folders.

I am still taking requests if you have a certain color scheme or theme you'd like to see at SSW. Currently, I am working on Picasso's Bullfighter Series, as one of our members requested these prints for her Sims game.

There will be more downloads available soon.

I am grateful for our members and would love it if you'd tell your fellow Simmers about Sugah Sims World. Thank you.

Come join us at Sugah Sims World Yahoo Group:
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Blogger daydreamer said...

I found your Blog, via the planet sims forum. I was really wondering how you make all these items for the sim games, in other words, what kind of programs do you use?


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