Friday, June 02, 2006

PTS and Sugah Sims World Update

This is a photo of "A Cotton Candy Day" wall & tile. The Floor Watcher and Little Glutton framed art by Chuck Agro adorn the walls. All are available free at PTS and Sugah Sims World Yahoo Group.

Soon, I hope to be adding some new downloads I create with T-Mog, once I get settled in with it next week. I hope to have 60 members at the Yahoo group by then, and will do something special in celebration.

In the meantime, here is the latest download count, of my most popular creations available at PTS. I have only named the top 5, as of this afternoon:

  1. Coca Cola 1 with 77 downloads
  2. Starry Night with 63 downloads
  3. Vintage Coca Cola 2 with 36 downloads
  4. Mod Blue (carpet) with 33 downloads
  5. Self-Portrait of Death with 31 downloads

Several new downloads are hot on the trail of the above, mainly Henri Matisse's Blue Nude, Coca Cola Polar Bears and the Betty Boop framed art. It won't be long, if those three keep it up, before they start getting near the top of the chart!

I am disappointed that Little Glutton and The Floor Watcher have not been downloaded more, as they are truly fun, colorful, trendy works of art that look great on your Sims walls. I placed several new images at PTS to show how nicely some of my walls and floors go with the framed art. (The one in this post is an example.)

This is our anniversary weekend, so after tonight, I will be away from my laptop for awhile.
Have a great weekend, Fellow Simmers. Remember to visit
Planet the Sims for some of my free downloads. Be sure to join Sugah Sims World Yahoo Group for a more extensive variety. We'd love to have you. Happy Simming!


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