Thursday, June 29, 2006

Getting Adventurous After All These Years!

I promised the awesome PTS Forum Dream Team that I would get more experimental with The Sims. I have always played it like real life, never having my Sims live anything but normal, decent, somewhat average lives. They live, they love, they work, they play, they have children, make friends, eat, drink and are merry.
Well, evidently, I must have missed the boat all these years, as I haven't ever even bought a guinea pig (for fear my Sim would get sick and die). The worst I've ever done is drown some Sims, when they either served their purpose (before the money cheat) or I got disgusted with or tired of them.

Below, is my promise kept to the great gang at Planet the Sims.

Harriet and Wann Doomed (I named them Doomed cause that's what they were from the start, lol) taunting and teasing:

The attack (I've never had this happen in my game before):

Wann grows tired of the fussin' and fightin' and is outta there (This was the 1st time I've ever seen this, too):

I set off a rocket launcher to burn Harriet alive (also a first for me, and a completely wild trip):

And VOILA, Harriet bit the dust. (Rest in Peace, Chicky. You're outta here, too):

I did it! It was weird being so focused on having a couple destroy a marriage, rather than work to be in love and have a great union. I strive to keep my Sims at 100 all the time, not -100! lol

Now I have to create another new Sim and buy him a room full of guinea pigs...

Oh, and you really should join us at Planet the Sims Forum. We have a real active, loyal, enthusiastic, helpful bunch and I am honored to be a part of the team.


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