Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Finally! A Sugah Sims World Yahoo Group UPDATE!!!

In celebration of over 100 members, I created some new downloads for your Sims.

Above are just a few of the new items you can now download for free, at SSW World:
  • Pablo Picasso's Bullfight Series
  • Warren Kandinsky Series
  • Josh Agle's "Shag" Art Set
  • Paolini's Sapphira and Thorn (from the Inheritance Trilogy)

There are plenty of new downloads, in addition to these, now available. Just click on the SSW link in this blog, and it will take you right to my Yahoo group.

Next, upon my return from a small vacation, I will be tackling re-coloring a few Sims items using T-Mog. Wish me luck!

Happy Simming. It's great to be back in business.


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