Tuesday, January 30, 2007

An Update for My Fellow Simmers

Hello, fellow Simmers. Are there still any TS1 Simmers out there?
I am still playing TS1 Deluxe with HD, UL and MM EPs.
Recently, however, my sister jumped on the Sims wagon. She's addicted to TS2. I got to play and WOW, is it awesome. I love the zoom capability, graphics, and many of the new additions/changes to the game. A couple of things I noticed I don't like as much, but overall, Sims 2 gameplay is terrific!
Can't wait to have a new puter so I can play mine (still collecting dust in the drawer, unfortunately).

Things are still going well at Planet the Sims Forum. We have several fun, loyal, devoted members who show up regularly to schmooze about the Sims and many other things. Some of us have become friends of sorts. It's a neat place to visit most everyday. Drop by sometime: http://www.forumplanet.com/planetthesims/index.asp

I haven't created in awhile for my Sugah Sims World Yahoo Group, but that is certainly on the agenda for this week. I have in mind to do a few more paintings, perhaps some more Warhol and a few Paul Klee paintings. Not sure yet. That reminds me...did I ever post/announce the newest Warhols here? I shall get to that soon, if not.

Lately, I have been experimenting with Makin' Magic. I really wish I had the Prima Strategy Guide for it. I love those guides, but am pretty sure they are not available at local stores anymore for TS1. I did print some stuff off the internet though. It will be helpful, I'm sure.

What's new in your Sims world lately?
I recently created a new character. Her names mean "magic" and "possesses magical power". Taika Wakanda is her name. Her origin in half Finn and half Native American Indian.
(If you haven't checked it out already, the 20,000 Names site is superb. It will help you find all kinds of names, of all kinds of meanings and origins. I love it and have recommended to it to Simmers who love it, too! http://www.20000-names.com/index.htm )

Anyway, I digress. I use Hedda's Supersculpture hack to get the ingredients quickly that Taika needs for makin' magic. So far, she has done a few spells successfully but hasn't used them on anyone. I will post images of my Sims adventures asap.

In the meantime, happy Simming. And if you stop by the forum, tell 'em "Sugah sent me!"

*Note: For some reason, the images are not showing up in the blog today. I will try posting a few next time. Hopefully, it's a glitch this site will work out soon.


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