Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Good Morning. It's been awhile.

I realize it's been awhile. My father lost the battle with lung cancer last month. I had been spending a good amount of time in E. Tx with he and my mom during this time. My sister was there with us, too. I recently returned from staying with my mom for a few weeks after dad's passing. My heart aches for her, being alone there. She is a strong woman who continues to amaze me more as each year passes. I am proud to call her my mother.

To all of my members at SSWYG and the Planet the Sims Forum (where I continue to enjoy hanging out) who have been so wonderful sending prayers and kind words during my dad's sickness and then his passing, I am so very grateful. Many thanks for your thoughtfulness during such a difficult time in my family's lives.
grateful heart

That being said, I am trying to re-group and get back into both my own real world and virtual reality.

I am now a member of the TS2 Simmers of the world, as of Valentine's Day (or thereabouts). My hubby bought me a puter with the capacity to play. Can you believe it? After two years of the game sitting in my drawer and not being able to play it (when everyone around me has been playing for quite some time now), I am thrilled to announce I can, too! WOO HOO!!!

I will continue to update my Sugah Sims World Yahoo Group and will soon be offering some very special downloads for TS1 to celebrate over 400 members! Can you believe it? I am just so excited about that.

In addition, I will be sharing some of my TS2 adventures, tips, finds, links, etc. with you here.

In the meantime, come visit us at Planet the Sims Forum where we are enjoying some major schmoozing about our shared Sims addiction. Currently, we have a Sims challenge some of you might be interested in: Sink or Swim. This is the family I created for the challenge:

The Geneva Family

Check it out and join in on the fun! I will be posting more shortly. There is so much to catch up on, not to mention exploring TS2 as often as possible. As always, happy Simming.


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